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To the Sky
"Birds and Beansprouts"
Okay With That

Designed, rehearsed, performed, and edited virtually across more than 12 states, our 2021 workshare of Birds & Beansprouts merged scene and song selections with filmic elements to transport audiences across the country from their screens to the cozy heart of Oregon.


Shaylee: Biola Obatolu

Camden: Betsy Miller

Eric: Kalonni Smith

Ariel: Carolyn O'Brien

Ben: Brayden Co

Hannah: Anna Carr

Ensemble: Hannah Cornish, Mariana Garzón, & Marco Porras

Extra vocals from Josh Fried, Joe Young, and Emma Cordray

Creative & Design Teams

Written by Joe Young

Directed by Emma Cordray

Produced by Ella Rosenblum

Music Directed by Josh Fried

Scenic Design: Lena Banchero

Costume Design: Miranda Boodheshwar

Sound Engineers and Mixers: Hannah Gluvna, Nina Field, Jimena Caballero, & Emily Brunner

Edited by Joe Young and Emma Cordray

Special thanks to William Lowe, Dan Martin, Megan Monahan-Rivas, Joe Pino, Chris Jovanelli, and the Carnegie Mellon College of Fine Arts and School of Drama

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