I’m a director, dramaturg, and writer from Columbus, Ohio. From new musicals to music videos to animation to television, I delight in storytelling across all mediums and modes. My work is musical, meticulous, occasionally bilingual, and always driven by enthusiastic collaboration. Inspired in equal parts by Sex Education, Hadestown, and BTS, I'm drawn to things that balance the epic, the scathing, and the hopeful. You can often find me building these kinds of works with my writing partner Jimena Caballero


In theater, I explore how new musicals can be a tool for civic engagement and, past that, how commercial theater can be reconfigured to use its platform for this kind of work. My current projects include new musicals exploring identity. That takes the form of an Oregon high school songwriter grappling with her roots– those she's born with and those she's trying to grow herself. Of two college-kids-turned-tech-moguls grappling with their rise to fame. Of a group of octogenarians finding their faith through a rebel church group on the Cayman Islands. All of these pieces challenge what a musical “should'' be in story, scope, and/or sound. Every two weeks, all of us working on these shows and more come together in a peer-to-peer mentorship group we lovingly call New Musical Book Club.


After graduating Carnegie Mellon University with an interdisciplinary degree in directing, Spanish, and dramaturgy, I'm currently spending the year as a Fulbright Scholar in Madrid, Spain. In my free time, you can find me hiking, rock-climbing, singing, synchronized swimming, or making music. Otherwise, I'm probably playing board games with good friends and family.

I'm currently chewing on: transmedia storytelling, cause marketing, pop music, and installation art.

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