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Before the trio graduated this spring, they assembled a team to develop Young's story during the summer. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they worked remotely from 13 states and held rehearsals, recording sessions and production discussions over Zoom.

Emma Cordray, who graduated this year with a bachelor's degree of humanities and arts in Hispanic Studies and drama (directing), also will teach in Spain, where she spent a summer in Madrid after her first year of college.

Caballero and Cordray expressed how fortunate they have been to work together. “We really think we’ve found something wonderful and unique in this collaboration and it has so much potential to keep growing. There is so much potential for us to grow together,” said Caballero. 

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Emma Cordray (CFA ’21), directing student in the John Wells Directing Program, answered five questions about working on The Beach. The whimsical play by Kathryn Vargish (MFA, ’21) streamed online March 10–13 as part of the New Works Series.

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