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Our Story

In 2016, Jimena and I serendipitously shared a cabin at Interlochen Arts Camp. Four years later, I reached out to Jimena with a proposal: to write a musical together. Now, as writing partners, we tell stories full of whimsy, heart, and a dash of magic across musical theater and film.

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Untitled Musical Adaptation

For our college capstones, we had the rights to adapt one of our favorite stories into a bilingual musical. Taking place across Mexico and the United States, the story follows a precocious young girl's immigration story. We showed the piece at the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama in spring of 2021. Our workshare featured performances accompanied by renderings by costume designer Laura Riviere. See footage from the show below!

We're currently collaborating with Gary Soto on a musical adaptation of his award-winning children's book, Too Many Tamales. In addition, we're working on Jimena's first EP and developing original ideas for musicals and films.

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